Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bye bye Ye Seong

Tonight's the night (technically it's tmr morn) that Ethan's godpa is flying off to Shanghai for a one year stint.

He's leaving behind a distraught gf n two doggies. We treated them (excl dogs) to a meal at Food Foundry last nite, coupled with millieu crepe cake as dessert. Yum!

Hope the couple will be able to get thru the long distance and maintain their relationship! Jia u!!

Today's also the day I ended my recluse and started my tuition with my last two remaining students. Their taitai mum bought ah boy a lot of clothes from Paul Frank, two bibs n even a cute lil pair of shoes from obaibi! For the mum, a body spa package was received! What generosity!!!:)

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