Friday, March 5, 2010


Today, after running a few errands, Alan brought us to IKEA for lunch and to shop! I was excited because I had chalked up quite a few items to buy and I was fighting (and losing) this immense cravings for their MEATBALLS! hahaha

We arrived at IKEA and made a beeline for their cafe. The queues which snaked from both sides of the counter amazed us. It was as though the restaurant was participating in the SALE IKEA was having! :P

I decided to have my main dish healthier and share Alan's 15 meatballs with him. I chose the poached salmon in a buttery sauce. We bought a baked chicken drumstick for Ening. Our maid has been putting on a lot of weight ever since she has moved to KL to help us! :P To add to the menu, Alan also bought chicken wings.

Sad to say, the food in IKEA disappointed us big time. Sigh. My salmon was dry and flakey and the meatballs were tasteless and hard. Only the chicken wings were delicious and the saving grace of the meal. :P Both thumbs down for the food, I must declare. Please remind me never to eat at IKEA (KL) again. Normally, we will have Thai food at Absolute Thai in Ikano POwer Centre before heading to IKEA and that's what we will stick to doing next time :P

ANYWAY, after the miserable meal, we popped immediately into the toy section of IKEA, right next to the restaurant. Ethan was tickled literally and figuratively by the different toys he saw. We also picked up a blue 'giraffe', a small cute little white mouse and 7 tiny animal toys (RM 2.90 each).

My main purpose of coming to IKEA was also to pick up some containers to put Ethan's toys / books / etc in. So we did. We finally settled with 2 plastic containers - a smaller red one and a bigger blue one . The former would be placed downstairs in the living room and the latter upstairs in his room. That's where we spend most of our waking hours. :)

We also chanced upon a bookshelf for RM79 and of course we bought it to display all of Ethan's books. hahaha. We roamed IKEA somemore after that and bought a big car rug for our room. Ethan now tends to be very cheeky and kick his legs intentionally in the bathroom. He enjoys making us exclaim by doing that. The louder we exclaim, the harder he kicks (oh, the irony!). So anyway, the rug would be placed under his bath tub to seep up the spilled water.

By the time we left IKEA, it was already 3+pm. We headed to the nearby Starbucks for a drink and gave En permission to go shopping. She had earlier told me that she needed to buy a pair of pants. En went to the nearby shops / bazzar and we savoured our Cammomile tea and ice blended chocolate drink. Ethan made a big stinkie in the cafe (good timing) and we proceeded to change him.

After around half an hour, En came back with two pairs of pants and we made our way home to drop the son and her off. Alan and I then left again for Liang Xin, our favourite massage parlour situated at Bukit Bintang. :)

It was 1.5hours of extremely painful pleasure and we left rejuvented but sad, knowing that our two favourite massage therapists are leaving the parlour for home and Spain respectively. :(

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