Monday, November 23, 2009

It wasn't a Moody Monday!

23rd November 2009 (Monday)

Because the confinement lady is leaving on Wednesday, my dearest husband has taken the week off to keep me company at home and for me to phase in the changes and enable En and I to cope better. The other most important man in my life bought us both delicious beef horfun for lunch after we had eaten the chocolate indulgence for breakfast. hahaha. I don't think I shall ever get back my waistline :P

With the sudden surge in milk supply - god knows why- I was able to leave the house confidently for a couple of hours. We booked tickets at The Gardens to 2012 and zoomed off at 230pm for the 3pm show. Thank goodness the mall is so nearby!

The movie was cool , in my opinion. The special effects were wonderful. It's also a story of how humanity behaves in adversity. Touching and inspirational. :) I enjoyed all 2hours and 40mins of it, albeit tortured by the guilt of leaving Ethan behind at home with the nanny and the maid. *sigh* It looks like it will take a long long time before I will be able to enjoy myself out w/o the kiddo.

After the movie, Alan and I rushed home (beating the Bangsar Jam by going the Brickfields way) and heaved a huge sigh of relief when we found Ethan well and satiated by the milk I had pumped for him before leaving the house. Yay.

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