Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some updates

Having a Sweet, sweet Dream
Alan FINALLY got back from Jakarta last night at nearly midnight. He had been there since Monday early morning. *sigh* The poor fella has been away from his little newborn son for the longest time!

Yesterday at around 5pm, Christine, my ex-student from CGS (2001/2002) came a-visiting. :D SHe lives a stone's throw away in Bangsar as well. We exchanged notes about KL living and bitched about life etc. hahaha

Ethan enjoys being told stories to - his favourite is Jack and the Beanstalk and his favourite song whilst being rocked to and fro / put on mummy and daddy's bed is Old Mac Donald Had a Farm :P Now, I can experience childhood all over again!

This morning , our breakfast was a TREAT! We had Mac Donald's!! Yay I had a sausage egg macmuffin and hash brown and a vanilla shake (Oooooooooooo- shhhhhh don't tell the confinement lady!) and Alan had a fillet-o-fish, hash brown and strawberry shake.

For Lunchtime entertainment, and because I have been released from the bars of watching horror movies, we chose a blue-ray entitled The Unborn. Sad to say, it was BORINGGGGGGGGG. Nothing is really scary in the movies nowadays. Anyone has any recommendations for horror movies????

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