Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy FULL MOON Ethan darling!

22 November 2009 SUnday

Today we celebrated Ethan's full moon in advance. :) Alan and I woke up a bit earlier than we usually did on a Sunday and Alan left for the market to pick up some fresh food whilst I gave our precious little prince a bath. :)

Ethan was his usual water baby self and after his bath and when he was sweet-smelling, I brushed his long locks and snipped off a bit of hair at the nape and put the hair into a red packet. The red packet is now in a scrapbook (which I had bought in Australia) I am keeping to record all Ethan's important moments and cute pictures. :)

After Alan Daddy got home, he marinated the pork chops and cooked the sphagetti whilst I nursed Ethan etc. We then went out again to buy a big Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe to celebrate our godson, Hayden's 7th birthday and also Ethan's full moon.

At around 230pm, the Kua family arrived and we all dined together. Our little one was an angel and fell fast asleep just minutes before the doorbell rang. After we devoured the Aglio Olio and the pork chops with mushroom sauce and the chicken soup (courtesy of Campbell - I have no time to make my own soup nowadays), we brought out the cake and sang the birthday song.

Then, the doorbell rang and the delivery man was here with the cakes for the full moon celebration we had ordered for our friends and Alan's colleagues. So after lunch was over and our guests had left, we went to Meng Koo's and Christine's to deliver the cakes. On our way back, we passed our neighbours each a box as well. :)

I can't believe how time has flown by and now our little one is almost a month old. Amazing. Very soon, we will have a tumbling toddler in the house! :)

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