Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jaundice & Ginseng Chicken

Baby Ethan is getting more and more yellow by the day. His worried parents will therefore bring him to see his paedetrician later today. Since the doctor is so busy, and we are walk-in patients, we were given the 5-530pm slot to go to Gleneagles to see Dr Lim MK.

Ethan has not been sleeping well for the past two days. Since the CL left on Wednesday, he has ceased to take afternoon naps. Thankfully today, this phenomenon has ceased and he is now in his rocker chair snoozing. *phew*

The days and nights do not have any perforation any longer. They all merge into one long feeding session. hahaha. One wonders how much longer it will take for me to morph into Panda Woman!! 930pm - Home again We have returned around an hour ago from the hospital. We waited from 515pm till around 645pm to see the doctor for about 5mins. He confidently / arrogantly / borchuply told us that there's nothing wrong with Ethan after "examining" him for a few seconds.

Ethan sleeping soundly in the doc's clinic

Anyway, it's good that there's nothing wrong with Ethan. We paid RM60 to hear the doctor say that. Well, since we were out and had to eat anyway, Alan brought me to our favourite Korean restaurant in Ampang. We last visited there on our 6month wedding anniversary - so you can imagine how long ago that was! Both of us had Korean Ginseng Chicken (with glutinous rice inside) and I had a carrot juice and ALan had a citrus tea. Yumz. Our little one was an ANGEL and slept throughout the dinner. He enjoys the rides in the car seat as well, we think. It's so cushy and comfortable! He slept all the way till we got home and continued sleeping somemore until we woke him up for his feed. ;)

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