Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Relishing some pockets of Freedom

Today, Alan had to go back into the office for a while but after that, he promptly picked me up for a late lunch at 145pm. We headed to the Gardens again and decided to try the Korean food eatery at the basement for once.

I had stir-fried tanghoon (I am sure they didnt call the dish that on the menu) and Alan had chilli cuttlefish with rice. I do miss eating chilli and curries *sigh* But what to do? If I indulge, I am sure poor little Ethan's belly will be on fire once he feeds. :S Must sacrifice for Motherhood (lah).

After having the unsatisfying meal, we headed to MVMM to change currency and also to pick up some stuff at Ace Hardware. I bought a weighing scale to see how many pounds I (didnt) (lose) and also to weigh Ethan and Alan bought some miscellaneous items. Then, we headed home as both of us were zoning out due to the lack of sleep. haahhaa. DuH

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