Thursday, November 26, 2009

Factory is CLOSED

Everyone!! Ethan is ONE MONTH OLD today! *clap clap clap* We survived!!! I survived the smelly herb baths, the meaty lunches and dinners, the heaty longan and red date teas and the eating of fish by the oceans...That all excludes the sleepless nights when Ethan will feed and feed, the changing of pee /poo ridden diapers and nappies and the deafening wails and screams that resound throughout the day and night. YaY.

My confinement lady left at 1pm yesterday and she left me her 'namecard' and asked me to call her if I needed her help again because we are such good employers. Alan gave her two big angpaos (one to welcome her and one to bid her farewell - customary, both) and my inlaws also gave her another angpao when they were in KL. Not to mention, the CL (Mdm Lim Suey Huey) also had my maid to help her throughout the confinement - even during the late-night-feeds. OF COS she would wanna come back to work for us. Hahahah But TOO BAD, this factory is closed. Enough. I am stopping at ONE, thank you very much!

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