Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday Sins

Ahhhh A day of pampering with my laogong. We woke up relatively early at 9+am and then headed to The Gardens for a leisurely-eaten breakfast. In order to pursue health, we dropped the idea of eating our usual meesiam at Toastbox and tried something new - scallop porridge at the eatery at the basement of The Gardens. Nice and yummy. Of course, we added a sinful supplement (like a deep fried bun) and some comforting soya bean milk.

With around an hour to burn before our facial, we hopped over to MVMM to walk around. We bought some sour plums and then popped into Harvey Norman. Mission Impossible III was playing on the big plasma screen and I just stood at the entrance of HN staring at my idol..

Soon, it was time to enjoy our much-coveted facial and we headed to Cres for a 2 hr pampering session. Yay.

It was almost 3pm when we emerged, refreshed and rejuvenated. With stomachs growling, we settled for a quickie meal at Penang Cafe. Alan had his usual laksa (more hum pls) and I had lam mee. Nice!

Bill kept us waiting for ages in La Mode. It was a busy day for him. Alan and I trimmed our hair and he rewarded himself for a long week at work with a hair spa as well. It was almost 7 when we left the salon.

The GPS brought us in circles but finally we managed to find Eastern Delights Restaurant - a restaurant that serves up steamboat (normal or porridge form). You don't get the porridge steamboat (if I am not wrong) in Singapore and this was the first time Alan and I savoured it. We ordered some ribeye slices, fish slices, pork slices, fish balls, fish paste, fu zhou fishballs (the ones with the minces pork inside), pork liver slices, scallops, water cres and pumpkin slices. The porridge turned out flavourful and very, very delicious. Although the bill came up to be around Rm100, we decided that we would DEFINITELY come here again!


Dot. said...

I LIKE!!!! why can't somebody do something like this in Brazil?! there's no decent comfort food here!

Sharon said...

G2.. what abt Cheenatown in Brazil? no one sells these things? I am happily putting on weight here in KL. BUT need to go back to Spore soon for my meepok fix. hehehe