Saturday, April 25, 2009

My feet hurt!

Today was tiring and exhausting but very fulfilling.

We woke up very late - around 1030am and lazed in bed till around 11. Then we brought our little ones downstairs for a nice training session and play-time. The garden was very inviting and although it was nearly noon, it wasn't warm due to the refreshing breeze that rustled the leaves constantly.

After that enjoyable session, Alan and I showered and left for lunch. I was craving for curry noodles so we drove all the way to Kepong to a 'restaurant' which Alan has eaten at before. It was a very good suggestion - we had a huge bowl of curry noodles each, filled to the brim with fresh and succulent seafood (cuttlefish, lala, mussels, big prawns, fish slices) and supplemented that with roasted chicken drumsticks. Wow it was very fulfilling and the curry noodles only cost RM13/bowl!! Can't believe it!

We drowsily drove to 1-Utama to burn the rest of our Saturday. We went to Craft Haven and bought a Scrapbook and some stickers. And then went to shop for some clothes and other little necessities. Our last stop was Jusco to pick up some fruits (read: 5 apples, 1 box of durians, 1 big bag of grapes, 2 grapefruits and 2 Chinese pears). hahaha.

Now we are home and I am cooking a simple dinner of porridge...

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