Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Scene of Devastion

Alan and I took a well-deserved two hour nap today after dog training and a couple of episodes of a HK drama. As I opened the door stealthily at approximately 6pm today, the below was what met my very eyes...
The aftermath of Silent Devastation

Terrorist One

Terrorist Two still maintains an innocent facade - but HEY he unwittingly left a piece of evidence on him...

Dinner was about exploring something new again. We wanted to hit the charkuayteow stall we had seen in the morning but it was closed. We then popped into this quaint little Jap restaurant (the name is too long to be remembered). I didn't bring my Iphone and hence the lack of pictures but I had kimchii ramen (nice!) and Alan had a sashimi set. We also shared a california maki and also the Jap peas. The bill came to be about Rm60 after a 20% off. ;)

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Dot. said...

Wah! i hope that doesn't happen to me too! :P did u serve them a harsh punishment?