Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Updates of Stalker Saga

My faithful readers,

Here are some juicy updates to a recent saga that has hit me and my husband, my close friend and his wife. If you haven't been following my recent posts, a quick summary will certainly be useful.

There's this mentally unstable person who is spreading vicious rumours about me and my male friend, alleging that we are having an secret affair. She is frantically in love( does she even know what that means) with my friend and now alleges that I have "stolen him away from her", entirely ignoring the fact that I am (a) happily married and (b) physically living in KL, Malaysia. Apparently, she is also blind to the fact that he is getting married this year to a girl he loves and has been dating for a long, long time.

So ANYWAY, this person is scary and has been stalking me on my blog as well. Posing as two different characters "love-u" and ":P" Of course the nicks were not chosen with creativity but then again, we should not allocate her too much respect in that department.

Well, once I got wind of the vicious and totally untrue rumours, and had my pristine reputation slooshed in the muddy longkangs of KL, I decided that enough was enough. My husband and I have handled the case over to the police for follow-up.

The police have subsequently determined that the online stalker(s) /has the SAME IP address (therefore concluding that they are but one miserable person) and also this person lives in Singapore. Worse still, this person works for MOE and/or was using an MOE account to send me very "interesting" messages online. Hell, even the location of the person, whilst sending the stupid messages was even identified. Does the intersection between Nicholl Highway and Bras Basah Road ring a bell? hahaha I am sure we all know who this pathetic cow is now right?

Now if you are so ballsy (also to be read as "stupid") to spread rumours of my friend and I and even dare to write all those untruths on your blog then own up lah. Copies of your blog have already been submitted to the police for further investigation as well. All these serve as proof and evidence of defamation, which will come very handy in court.

This "game" has become so fun now that the ball is in my court. haha. Alan and I have decided to leave everything to the police. We will press charges when the time is right. So tune in next time to find out how the Malaysian taitai will sue the skirt (oh no she doesnt wear skirts) / pants off this miserable unstable wretch!

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