Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Novel Experience

In a wink of an eye, it is already Thursday evening. This week has passed at lightning speed. I was absolutely zonked out after my two classes (one from 845 - 10am & the other from 11am-1pm) and after lunch, I took a "nap". I ended up waking at 530pm. haahah. Now my whole body's aching and I am still reeling from the after-effects of the Z-Monster.

Last night, we headed out for dinner (again) - I hv not been cooking ever since we've moved into the new apartment- and decided to try something new. So Alan drove to Taman Desa and we park along the road. Then we took a walk down the lorong and hopped into the first restaurant that called out to us.

In the end, our Guiness Sauce pork ribs, mariko sauce huge prawns and the toufu dish (all three dishes were chef's specials) all appealed and dinner was not only a fun experience, it was novel as well. *yay*

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