Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our weekend...

Saturday and Sunday were started with Jay Jay's class. He will be sitting for his exam next Sunday and the trainers suggested giving extra classes to Jay Jay and his classmates to boost their chances of passing !

After that, we went home to plan and book our USA trip. I finally saw how competent my husband is in Microsoft excel as he even came up with a column to show how many attractions are within walking distance of the hotels we were looking at. my nerdy husband, I am proud of you!

As such, the weekend was pretty home-based and tiring and we slept at 2am on Saturday night and 1am on Sunday. The only interesting and novel experience was that we baby-sat Hayden on Sunday morning and brought him to the dog-training session. He was inquisitive and started looking into drains and up the trees instead of the dogs though and halfway through went to the playground to play with Alan who later bought him an icecream.

The Kuas came later and we went for the World's Best ( I am NOT KIDDING) fried fish beehoon soup - the soup was thick and delicious and Alan and I were nodding throughout our meal in approval. Then, we brought Hayden to see some dogs in Jln Klang Lama but he seemed more interested in straggling Jay Jay. hahaha

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