Friday, August 22, 2008


Alan came home at approximately 2am (after bringing his CEO out) this morning and got back to a series of small surprises. He saw the delicious looking cheesecake and also found a pressie (bottle of perfume) hidden in the loo for him. I had lit a few candles and decorated the whiteboard as well.
This morning, around 9am, I activated Mission: Late to Pick CEO Up by bringing out the cheesecake and singing the birthday song with Jay Jay. We replaced a candle with a tea-light. No choice. and then I causally put the card and another pressie on the table whilst he did up his tie in the room. ahahhaha.
After that, I had tuition with Hayden and then Dania. The cheesecake was a hit with all.
I quote Dania, "Your cheesecake is PERFECT." - announced with big satisfied grin on face.
There only two small pieces left in the fridge now, as I type!!! :O
After a short nap, I got ready for Alan's birthday party. However, I waited and waited for my taxi to come but to no available. It was storming (I am not exaggerating) and no taxi drivers would answer the call of duty :P Such is KL...
In the end, after sending CEO late to the airport (being stuck in a massive jam), Alan and Chung came to fetch me to pavilion. After hour plus later, we finally reached Pavilion and proceeded to Red Box for the karaoke cum birthday celebration session. Nicky bought Alan a choco Banana Secret Receipe Bday cake and they all sang him a song. :)

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