Friday, August 15, 2008

My twisted Back

My back has not recovered and it has been tormenting me since Sunday last week.

I walk slowly and hand on right upper back like a pregnant lady and this movement, coupled with my bulging stomach will, I am sure, get people to give up seats for me on the mrt- IF I take the mrt. hahaha

I've just finished class with Dania and am waiting to go to Hayden's afterwhich I will make my way to Pavilion by taxi (no nid to give up seats pls) and meet Alan there for dinner and Wall-E! :) It is a fine plan except for the back pains and they will surely prevent me from helping the Malaysian economy by taking part in the SALES. Coincidentally, Malaysia has been having sales for a few weeks now and I havent really taken advantage of this. Only bought 1 GAP top and 1 GAP 1 piece top and shorts. That's pretty pathetic, don't you think?

But then again, USA beckons. I shall save my ringgit for a sunny californian day! YAY

nite: I was late to leave for Pavilion as I had a nice lil chat with Shirene. After which I rushed to get a cab and was stuck in the jam enroute to Pavilion in the city centre . When I finally arrived, I tried to help the Malaysian economy to no avail. Until Alan showed up a while long, I could then finally purchase a long cardigan thingie which was to be used in USA. :) Alan, because it was sooooooooo cheap, bought himself another pair of Pull and Bear berms. this time for 70% off! MG!

Wall.E wasn't very exciting and my dinner (curry rice at the food court) kicked in its effects almost immediately. I fought to keep awake, especially after the very tedious week I had had.

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