Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday 23 August 2008

We woke early to bring Jay Jay for his extra class at Taman Desa Park. N then we had (with the Kuas) fishhead beehoon soup again. We then went home to book our accomodation and etc for our coming USA trip.

Sunday 24 August 2008
*Mommy this is my new friend Toby!*

*I am a top student!*
I experienced stress that morning as Jay Jay was slated to have his examination for his basic obeidence. We arrived early at 1015am (as the test was supposed to begin by 1030am) and were overwhelmed with the sheer number of dogs there. My Goodness. After a long wait, we (Jay and his mum) completed his exam-and although he did not do his down-stay and did not do the recall exercise very well, he still had 85% (distinction). sheesh. This is like a neighbourhood school in spore, where the standard is very low. Ash was from (e.g.) ACSI and topped the class with 78%! Jay Jay kinda screwed up his exam (in our eyes) and yet got a high distinction. :P

ABSOULTELY STARVING from the lack of breakfast, we hopped into One One HK Cafe for some brunch. Of course, we got overzealous in our bid to fill our tummies and ordered: fried chilli, dan dan noodles, shrimp dumpling soup, fried chee cheong fun, xiao long bao , chicken claws, yam paste (dessert) and gingko and barley with beancurd skin (dessert) and washed all that down with tea teh-rik kurang manis please! (we had to tapao some food back because we were stuffed). All the food ordered was delicious, if I may say so and Alan and I were delighted to have found another eating place.

*The maker of the loud noise*
Next, we brought our son to see a lion dance troupe which was invited to launch a new hair salon in the vicinity. Jay Jay was indeed traumatized by the 'dong dong chang' and it's deafening decibels and scratched almost 3.5layers of my skin off my body in a desperate attempt to get away from the din. Soon, it started to pour and we hurried to the car and zoomed off home.

*Red and big monster*

We returned home and continued to book our USA accomodation / car / etc. Shireen msged at 5pm and invited us to join them for a prawn fishing expedition. I showered at top speed and then we zoomed down. After an hour, Wei Jin managed to catch one prawn and though Alan and I persisted and sat down there for two hours, we went home empty-handed.
Malaysia 1- Singapore 0
*At Desa Fishing Pond wasting time and feeding mozzies*

It's OK. We went directly to the in-house restaurant and ordered their biggest plate of marmite prawns and some vege and horfun and discovered that the chef there was pretty good! The restaurant had that rural Malaysia flavour and we were that this dining experience was very novel and fun indeed (save for the disgustingly dirty toilets).

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