Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Monday and tuesday

It's already Tuesday and today is more relaxing. My Indian student cancelled our 10am class at 9:07am this morning (how very nice of her! ;p) and my next and only class starts at 1pm & will last one hour.
Today, there's no class at Ti-ratana as well. Shall take a much-needed break. Although, sad to say, there is NOTHING left in the fridge save for two tomatoes and half a papaya. hahaha. I wonder what I shall have for lunch. sigh.
Anyway, yesterday the facial was really good and I utilised two slimming sessions which I had won in a lucky draw during the Crez open house that day. Shall work on a diet today. ahhaah. :P

Monday 18 August
Had class with the twins from 1030-12pm during which they finished up their project of creating a brochure. and then Hayden beckoned at 1pm.I was very stoned during the classes because of the very tiring weekend and I tried my darnest to look entertained by Hayden's incessant chatter.
After a quick shut-eye after tuition, I walked to The Gardens for my facial and then went to MPH to help Neeta buy some English books for her 3-year-old illiterate daughter. Then I sent Alan's jackets for dry-cleaning and we had dinner (REGRETS!) at this restaurant called Esquire in MVMM. It was not only pricey, the frog was malnurished and had all its bones broken etc .. all the pictures in the menu were grossly misleading n the dinner cost a bomb RM70! We could have had two great meals at Robson's! *sigh*

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