Saturday, August 9, 2008

Curry Mee and a Walk

We have just come back from a long walk with Jay Jay. We woke up late and then left to have brunch at the curry mee place a few lanes away. Jay Jay had his morning walk during which he amused a Japanese lady who was on her walk, car drivers, a huge Alastian, a coffeeshop lady and an Ah Ma at the same coffeeshop.
The curry mee had delicious "hums" , tao pok, bean sprouts, char siew, fish cake etc.. very good. Very worth the long walk there.
After the walk, and to RnR, Alan and I watched Apocolyse (or however it's spelt) on DVD. Very good movie. Touching and sad. After all of two hours, we decided to leave the house in search of more pleasures and entertainment.
Alan drove us to Sungei Wang where we indulged in some shopping with Mr Best Friend and then also bought some RM5 magazines from USA. Of course, they are not uptodate but still a good read. We also topped up our supplies for shampoo n hair paste whilst we were there.
Some conscience was induced at Liang Xin - our favourite massage parlour. #5 and #60 - our favourite massage ladies gave us a back-cracking massage for 1.5hours. ahhhhhhhhh.
Then, we left leisurely to Jalan Imbii to have beef horfun and big prawn noodles AND satay! hahaha.
At home again, we watched MISSING the Chinese movie which was very good for the first half an hour or so. But refused to end although given many opportunities and lasted all of 2 full hours!

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