Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hello all,

Trust me when I say I am saying all this in a raspy voice. Today was a RECORD-BREAKING DAY. I had tuition from 10-11am with a new and freaking NIAO INDIAN lady. Initially she had wanted tuition for her THREE YEAR OLD and now she wants intensive crash course in English and expects to improve in 3 weeks. Sheesh. Oh well...Just another customer. ;p
Next, I had tuition with the twins (who were late) from 130-300pm. Su Li was late and came at 410pm and left around 2 hours later. Dania was last from 6-8pm.
In total: 6.5hours of lessons. I almost died, I tell you. Quite painful.
BUtttt... tomorrow will be a day of leisure with only a 430-6pm class with my good gal pal Phoebe. ;)

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