Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday at Bangsar

It was another fruitful and tiring sunday.
We sped towards Jay Jay's class in the morning after leaving the house late and had training with two other doggies. For the first fifteen minutes or so, Jay Jay was abit off-form and bonkers. He went hopping (like a rabbit) and performed for the trainers, begging them for stir-fried chicken liver treats. Such greed was really unacceptable and Alan and I were malu-ed to the max. ;p The worse thing was, because he is SO CUTE, the trainers always feed him, for no rhyme or reason! OMG!
After a while, the fella quietened down and proceeded to concentrate 'in class'. He was very obedient after that and we all guessed his energy had been sapped by the continuous jumping (like a rabbit).
At 1130, when the lesson was over, we drove to Ikano Power Centre for Jay Jay's long-overdue grooming session. We left him there and then went off in search of a good brunch. Absolute Thai convinced us to become patrons once again as the memories of our previous saliva-inducing visit still lingered pleasantly. Sad to say, we were not very enticed by my duck noodles and Alan's beef noodles, although the papaya salad and the panda chicken did not disappoint.
Quelling the urge to venture into Ikea as we noticed the crowds and long queues at the cashiers, we decided to roam around Ikano Power centre. Alan went into Mac shop and I walked aimlessly around.We shopped at the Pet Safari for necessities (Jay Jay's milk powder) and treats (beef and cheese jerky for training) and clothes (two Doggie Tees) and then left for home.
On the way back, we were waylaid by some police officers who were eager to make a quick dollar or two (or fifty~!) and Jay Jay and I witnessed with our very own human and doggie eyes how a 'transaction' was speedily done, without hassle. hahahaha It was really quite hilarious. ;p Malaysia Boleh!
We arrived home and then proceeded to stretch out on the coach for a bit and watching some hunky female swimmers trash it out in China. Then, gathering our trusty shopping basket, we left for Bangsar Pasa Malum.
It was only 430pm when we arrived and in the heat, we proceeded to locate a pet shop which I had seen along one of the 'lorongs'. We walked up and down and weaved in and out of the lanes to no avail so we popped into the nearest CB for a Sunrise and a cool-down. After half an hour, we were ready to venture out into the sun again.
And we found the shop. Sad to say, it was not worth the effort AT ALL. Even the cocker spaniels were not the cutest we had seen. Butttt we found out that their prices for certain items were way cheaper than what we usually pay for.
It was too early to eat dinner so we went to the Village Grocer to pick up our must-buys. We leisurely strolled along the aisles and causally dropped items into our trolley and ended up paying close to RM200 after our shopping was done!
Next, we went to the outdoor night market and picked up many items - vegetables, pomfret, prawns, fruits and also our dinner of murtabak and kerbab and then hurried home.

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