Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Monday Morning Again.

3 August 2008 (Sunday)

The day began with two ang kuh kuehs and then we set off for the park to bring Jay Jay for training. After the session in which Jay Jay behaved badly, we went home to cook the leftover food we had bought the weekend before.

Soon, steamed prawns, steamed pork and steamed sotong was ready. ahahha Healthy huh? We dug in.

Still exhausted from the ordeal of crossing borders, Alan took a nap whilst I tried to mark the books of the students of Ti-ratana. After 3 books, my eyelids insisted on shutting and I obliged.

Dinner was at Robson's (which was sorely missed). We had fish maw soup (which tasted like shark fin's soup), a vege and pork ribs. DELiCiOuS! *smack lips*

I need to start gyming again cos need to attend Sharon Tan and Chris' ROM in September. Imagine, barely a year ago, at my own wedding, I was a mere anorexic 45kg. And now.... :P

4 August 2008 (Monday)

I have got two classes today and then I will head to Mid Valley to pick up some groceries and stuff needed for the bbq. We have decided to buy things slowly and not leave e'thing to the last minute. haha. How efficient, eh?

After tuition with the twins, I went to Hayden's almost immediately for class. Then, I joined Shireen and Hayden to Sri Hatamas and we went for a late lunch whilst Hayden went for Math class. Then, I very quickly bought some stuff at Mercanto and then we went home.
I babysat Hayden whilst Shireen cooked dinner and then the Kuas came over to our place for dinner.

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