Saturday, May 24, 2008

quickie updates

I did not manage to catch a movie myself yesterday. However, I did slot P.S. I Love You into the dvd player and use up two pieces of tissue paper. Wow. the movie made me reflect about losing a loved one and I vow to appreciate every living moment we have together. Life is too short. But I still wanna go to Russia. hahaha I digress...

Anyway, I went off to Mid Valley Mega Mall yesterday at around 5pm. It was such lovely weather that I actually walked there without breaking a sweat. I shopped at this fair and bought some cutie stuff for my kiddo's lessons and then sat prettily at Coffee Bean, delighted with the company of my Sunrise and magz and waited for my baby.

We initially wanted to settle dinner at Kenny Roger's but walked to the wrong end of MV basement. So we ended up at domino's pizza for a sinful but dirt cheap meal. A regular pizza, two soups, twisted garlic bread and two drinks cost us RM31. OMG.It also cost me a thicker waistline but that's what I deserve...

After that, we picked up some groceries and then headed home.

Saturday 24 May 2008

I woke up at 9am and Su Li came for tuition at 10am. Our two hour lesson was painless and we went through the paper she had recently set for. Then Alan and I set off for Pavilion to catch an old Harrison jumping onto trucks and kicking bad a$$es in the ba//s.

Our lunch was 'fine Korean cuisine' which was bland and tasteless but not as expensive as the restaurant looked. Our Korean ginseng chicken cost Rm40. And for once, we did not over-order. hahaha (probably because there was nothing else on the menu to order?)

I so loved Indy's adventures and the thrills and spills when I was a little girl but now it just put yawns in our mouths... especially since we were sitting between two couples who kept chattering. The couple on my left was Malay and the guy kept making wise cracks and the girl kept giggling like a bimbo. they finally stopped when I shhhhh-ed loudly. The couple on Alan's right was even worse. the lady apparently could not understand English and the whole movie was translated to her by the man. OMG.

After the 2.5hr long movie, we grabbed a tasteless dinner at Food republic. I had "pan mee" and Alan had assam laksa. We both didn't finish our meal. :P

We went to Times Square to pick up Alan's helicopter spare parts and then had some coffee and tea at Old Town White Coffee.
We are home now and watching P2 on dvd. :D

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