Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Blues

I have just finished 2 hours of tuition with the taitai who is going to get her boobs done next week. Her husband dictates that she does it (and has been nagging for a year) even though she's happy with her body. Men nowadays like to tell women what to do and what not to do. They impose their opinions and views and always get their way. But in actual fact, the women have to be blamed sometimes... If we give in too much, soon we will all be taken for granted. We will be relegated into the kitchen, to cook (and burn) and clean (the mountainous dirty dishes). We will be expected to wait patiently for other 'better' half's return, no matter how late in the evening. We will bring the slippers and draw water from the well and cook it on the stove for The Master's bath water. We will wait in anticipation everynight to provide pleasures (massage lah, what were u thinking!?!)

So, My decision has been made. I WILL stand up for what I want to do and DO IT ANYWAY. This is a FABULOUS OPPORTUNITY and I'd be a fool to let it bypass me. Even though there will be opposition in the way. Of course, that's dependent on whether I will be offered or not. But that's besides the point.

There is little to be made and little fulfilment to be reaped as a tuition teacher in KL or in any country in truth. Firstly, the miserable pay amounts to nothing after a long day's work. I can spend it in a few minutes. (not that I have time to shop anyhow).Then, I am cooped up in my ivory tower, away from the REAL WORLD. I used to be such a social person but now, I stare at the (more than) four walls daily. i don't even switch on the tv nowadays. Of course, CGS was a warzone, but I have lost the zest for suriving in this boring country too.

Need to get out more and see the world. When I can finally embrace Travel and Living, I don't wanna be constrained no more.

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