Monday, May 19, 2008

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Sunday 18 May 2008

we woke up a bit earlier and then went to MVMM and had Toast Box for breakfast. Ordering too much as usual, we polished off peanut butter toast, otak toast, eggs, meesiam and tea / coffee. Amazing, because lunch was due in 1.5hours time.

Then, it was zi you huo dong again and we met again at 1230pm ( I was empty-handed) to adjourn to Uncle Jimmy's shop Chinatown Classics. Then, we walked to The Gardens to eat taiwanese food. Uncle Jimmy treated us and I decided to have porridge as the meesiam was still churning... We chit-chatted till around 2+pm and then bade each other farewell.
Berjaya Times Square was next and that was where I discovered My New Favourite Shopping Mall! Hahhaha. Thanks Bertha for the tip! :D Hours of fun were spent shopping and I behaved like a tourist, buying every single purchase I set my eyes on... After 2 hours, we all met again and I had 8 pieces of clothing in my bags and also a hair treatment lotion! Alan had bought himself a special present: A helicopter!! Wowee.. Mummy also was victorious and held up bags of spoils of her victories. And Jean had finally purchased her (Bum Equipment) wallet. Yvonne did not leave empty-handed as well but I shall not spoil the surprise. :D
The Indoor Amusement Park in Times Square!

Next, Kajang satay (the place where Zesa ordered 10 sticks of pork satay) was on the itinerary and Alan drove 20 mins to get us there, avoiding reckless motorcyclists who exhibited death-defying swerves in our way. We ordered beehoon goreng pattaya, kuay teow goreng and beef, mutton and rabbit (!) satay. After chomping down the delicious fare, we went outside to stroll through the pasa malam. I bought a shirt that reads, "Available tonight; Limited Time Offer"! Only Rm12 - The T-shirt, I mean. ;p

Home was a sweet welcome after the long day out and after our showers, we started our nightly ritual...and soon *pong* and *kang* and *hu* shouts were heard and Jean rubbed her hands in glee, having won a whopping Rm12 during one game. ahahha. ;p

19 May 2008 (Monday)

Happy Wesak day. Yes, I know how it sounds like but it is spelt like that here. ;p

I cooked bf of ramly burgers (plus egg n cheese) and sweet potato soup to suit all palates and we dined at ard 10+am. We played hangman on my whiteboard and entertained ourselves..

1pm: Lunch was at Robson's and we ordered a vege soup, shen mien, sea cucumber and fish maw and also a vege. We leave promptly at 2pm and Alan began his long drive to KLIA and LCCT to send the Goh family off. :D

That marked the end of the Malaysian Experience Shopping Extravaganza (4D3N).

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