Sunday, May 25, 2008

What do the Spirit of Volunteerism and a YTL Resort have in Common?

Hello folks. It's a busy cum lazy Sunday. We woke up early (in comparison to other Sundays lah) and headed to the pool for a swim. Ahhh my baby braved the chilly waters and did his laps. Well done! We raced that last lap and almost lost our lives. hahaha. Our bones creaked as we got outta the pool..Hahaha. some tiger balm plaster please! :S

After that regime, Alan flew his helicopter at the tennis court area and I whipped up lunch at lightning. Thai fried rice and some vege and there's red bean soup on the stove and boiling. :D We are relaxing now to the tunes in the ipod nano and going to have a dvd marathon :) such is the life.

By the way, we will be volunteering at an orphanage in KL :D Alan got to know this very nice and friendly (and filthy wealthy) Datok, who opened an orphanage and who goes there every Sunday for 3 hours to spend time with the children. He invited us down and we will be taking up his offer after we luxuriate in our delicious resort next weekend. Muahhahaa.

I am looking forward to our Pangkor Laut rendezvous. I have never stayed in an accomodation THIS EXPENSIVE. hahaha. (Life is too short lah, Mum! No need to save for a "rainy day"). I will definitely update you guys on our Pangkor Laut YTL resort 3D2N adventure. *drool* Pictures of our Sea Villa will be in the cards as well. :D

I will pen Melissa, our sponser 'daughter' a letter later. I am sure snail mail will touch her heart even more than our emails. :D I can't believe I can finally pursue my dream of doing social work. Did you know I took a module of Social Work in NUS Year One? (Of course, I also took Ancient Chinese History - What was I thinking?!? I digress...)I have always wanted to do Social Work but my perenial excuse is CGS is a hell-hole that leaves little personal / social time for anyone involved in that organisation. I used to live vicariously through my students and I remember during the days when I headed the Talent Development Programme, I helped the students with so many projects at one time. I can't believe I was sane after that two years ended.

Now I have more time on my hands and more freedom and flexibility as well and I can embrace the Spirit of Volunteerism!!!And get The Husband more involved too!

We are going to retire soon. We watched a stupid dvd today entitled "The Cook" or something like that. Turned out to be a psycho killer murdering sexy and decadent college girls only to cook them and serve them as hamburgers / corned 'beef' hash etc.

Our next movie was much more intellectual and gripping - The Bucket List. Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson were cast as two dying men who came up last minute with a list of things to do before they kicked the bucket. Very moving and touching and highly inspirational. I am now compiling my own Bucket List. Don't worry, buying another LV bag is not on the list. :S

We went out to Klang Lama for dog food for Jay and then to Xiu Xiu for dinner. We gave into Alan's cravings and ordered two crabs and some horfun for dinner. The crabs were utterly sinful, cooked in coconut based chilli gravy but we slurped up the gravy anyway.. the damage (monetary wise)? Rm 95 only. Goodness!

We had a game of scrabble just now - my present to Alan after a shopping expedition two days ago. We will bring the travel scrabble set to Pangkor Laut and on our many other adventures. yay!

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