Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hard at Work

20 May 2008 (Tuesday)

Back to Life, Back to Reality.

2-3pm was spent 'forcing' Hayden to come up with a story of The Naughty Elephant who refused to share his fruits and ended up being very unhappy.

330-430pm was spent with Avik doing research on Japan for his school holiday assignment.

Alan picked me up at 8+pm and we headed to The Gardens for a 'simple' dinner. Our steamed fish, frog legs kongbao and long beans cost us RM140+! Good grief! It was one of the more expensive meals we had enjoyed in KL. Expensive but delicious.

I went to Art Friend to purchase paper and other materials for Avik's project.We picked up some groceries from Cold Storage after that.

21 May 2008 (Wednesday)

Whilst my husband headed out early today (to fetch Chairman and CEO from the airport), I had also to grapple with quite a few tuition classes today. 930-1130am Anviksha came and we wrote Act 5 for her Frankenstein play together. At 1130am, Avik turned up and in the end, all three of us worked on his Japan Project. damn I chipped my french manicure whilst sticking stuff to the booklet. ;P

We stuck Jap food like wangwan biscuits, crackers, soba, and some pictures. And drew stuff like the Japanese flag and pasted it on the sheets of coloured paper. I had also printed out some pictures of cherry bloosoms, ramien, etc all to be pasted inside his "book". We also wrote a reflection of his interview with a japanese couple living in Sri Tiara. :D I am sure Avik's gonna win a prize for "his" creation. ;p I have value-added to my services as a tuition teacher :P

I have just finished a lesson with Hayden and helped his mum polish off some of his snacks. hahaha. Now, I'm waiting for 6pm when Dania will arrive and as the clock strikes 8pm, I will end my last class of the day. Phew.

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