Friday, May 16, 2008

Mother n Son Adventure + Welcome to Malaysia!!!

16 May 2008
Today, in the late morning, Jay Jay and I went on an Adventure! Errr.. Actually I brought him to the groomer's. hahaha.

well, when he saw the sporty green bag which we always use to carry him, Jay Jay tried his darnest to squeeze into it (even though it was zipped shut). ahahah. Very funny. and when I unzipped it, he hopped promptly into it and lay down. His pleading eyes read, "Mummy, I wanna go gai gai!"


We took a taxi (driven by a nice old man who spoke good english) and went to Ikano Power centre. Whilst Jay Jay was being traumatised, I strolled to Pet's Lovers centre and checked out the cute pups. oOohhh GoshhHh the English Bulldog puppies were the cutest! My heart ached for one but I am sure The Husband would not relent. (he doesn't like their faces) There were some cute Malteses and terriers and shitz tzus as well.

I went a-shopping at The Curve after that and bought a bag for TK and some stuff for Hayden (entirely claimable, not to worry). I then headed to Watson's for some necessities and then to IKEA for my dismal (read: Combo A = 1 hotdog + 1 softdrink = RM3) lunch. I hurriedly stuffed the stuffed bun into my mouth and then went to pick up Jay Jay.

We crossed over to where quite afew taxis were waiting but they all refused to go by metre, citing traffic jams and watever not. Finally, after much haggling (and their pointing to Jay Jay in the bag), I settled for a "gu wak zai" young taxi-driver with a long pinky fignernail.
We got into his modified taxi (complete with F1 car seats) and zoomed (yes, I am not exaggerating) off for home.

Soon, I will have to take another taxi to Alan's (new) office and we will go fetch my family at the airport together.


After fetching Mum and Jean fr the airport, we took another 45mins to get back to town. Then, we burnt some time at Pavilion shopping whilst waiting for May to come. Alan went back to the office sadly.

We met May at Corus at almost 8pm and then headed to Sungei Wang to change money and do some light shopping before ZiChar dinner at Jalan Alor and then massages at Liang Xin till around midnight. :D

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