Monday, May 12, 2008

The Start of a New Week

hey guys! Thank God I'm feeling much better but Alan's still down. In fact, as I type, he's still in bed. He's hoping that he'll recover soon as he has a teleconference at 3pm today. I am cooking him some light porridge as he hasn't had much to eat since yesterday morning. Gosh, my husband actually looks slim now!!

Anyway, today's a light day for me too. I've only an hour slot with Hayden to grapple with. YaY. I actually should get outta the house and grab some groceries but I shall wait and see how Alan's feeling. Maybe I'll leave later, after tuition and then Alan can fetch me back on the way home. We'll see..

By the way, my mama and sister(s) will be coming for a visit this coming weekend.Yeay! hahaha. I have the itinerary all planned out already. haahhaa. It will be a fun-filled and utterly sinful weekend (again)!! Hahaaha and the unbelieveable thing is, I have already moved most of my tuition so that it will not coincide with the exciting plans. Muahhahahaa. (00)v

In the end, I waited for the aircon service man till late n then decided to stay in until my sickly husband came to take me to the MVMM. The exchange rate was SGD1: Rm2.34! A record high for us in KL.

We had a quick dinner at C-Jade Express and Alan had tasteless Beijing Ramien with dumplings and I had a sizzling hot (if not anything) Korean hotstone rice. Our desserts were (of course) served to us before our main meal and those were bland and tasteless as well. O well..

We hit JUSCO just to pick up some necessities and forgot that Alan had to attend a business dinner tomorrow. ;p Then it was Home to Rest.

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