Tuesday, May 13, 2008

PurPLe Sweet Potato Soup

My PURPLE sweet potato soup is on the stove and shimmering. I shall pass some to my neighbours later. Apparently, these sweet potatoes are tremendously expensive and are from Japan. But now my soup is an interesting purple... hmmmm...

I have three tuition classes and the first commences at 230pm. Will be working till around 830pm this evening so just as well Alan's out for his dinner appointment.

Oh yah, I have lost three students (the class of three). One is quitting her join her and returning to Ipoh and the other will be out-stationed in due time and the last is just lost without the other two. ahhaha.

So now, the number is down to ten, although officially I haven't started lessons with Salwa's twin 10-year-old daughters yet. She wants me to give them creative writing lessons and I am sure we will have lots of fun again :D It sure beats teaching the BASIC FUNDAMENTAL ENGLISH to adults, I guess. But hell, I ain't complaining. At least I am making my RM, although it has been getting weaker and weaker. hahaha.

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