Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Finally Midweek!

Yesterday, Hayden fell asleep whilst colouring during my class, exhausted from his day-to-day adventures. Sad to say, his day was not over- he had piano lessons after my class. His mum moved him to my couch and he slept there till his mum carried him to the car.

Avik came then and we tackled two short postcards. There are three more to go and I swear I shall not tax the poor boy so much next time. haahaha. Must infuse more drawing and arts and craft with his class and not treat him like his all-grown-up.

At night, after 2 hours of prac crit of An Inspector Calls (the play) and Holes (the novel), my throat hurt and my head was pounding. I waited for my husband to come home by 9-something (he reached at 9:58pm) and then mindless watched some tv - the first of the week.

14 may 2008 Wednesday

I have three classes today. 1030-12, 230-330 and 6-8pm. In between I shall sneak in some rest and cooking. :D i can almost sniff out the weekend, and it excites me!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeee

I just woke up from a half an hour nap half an hour again. hahah. Hayden's tuition has been postponed to tomorrow (at the last min) and I've only one class left for tonight which will start in 10 mins.

I am thinking of starting up creative writing courses for children and infusing art with English. Shall need to do more research but my target is a class of five students (no less but not many more) and perhaps five lessons in total (1.5hours each).

What do all my ginnahs think? Got any interesting stuff that your younger siblings are learning that you wanna share with me? hahahaha.quick email me

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