Monday, January 21, 2008

Fast Cars and Fine Living

Sunday 20 January 2008

Decadence- this word perfectly describes how Alan and I spent our Sunday.

We woke up late (ard 10am) and fed the absolutely starving Jay Jay and proceeded to fix a decadently delicious ( &of cos sinful) bf. Then, we settled down in front of the google box and finished watching the HK serial dvd. hahahah From episode 17 to 25. hahaaha.

We emerged victorious, at around 530pm and dashed off to Bangsar Shopping Complex to buy my golf shoes. However, there was no size. The salespeople were definitely overpaid as well, judging from their nonchalent attitudes and rude behaviour. ;p We left empty-handed.

We zoomed our way down the crowded streets until we reached a cross junction where there was a huge traffic jam. A crowd had gathered to witness a horrifying sight- I peered through the heads from my seat and saw a man splashing some water on the a bid to wash away blood stains.. The ground was red and bloody and we saw a dark blue van next to it, containing a black body bag. My hair stood on ends.

It never fails to amaze me how reckless motorists in Malaysia are. It is as though their lives are not worth very much and time is of the essence. Motorcyclists dart in and out of lanes and squeeze themselves in between huge buses or fast-moving cars. Oh yah, I have once seen an amazing sight in KL. 5 people (2 adults and 3 children) were on a moving motorcycle!!! I am talking about 3 young children!!!!! *scary*

Anyway, enough of the serious and back to the frivalous for now:

Our next destination was Crowne Regency Hotel for a relaxing 1hr 45min treat! It's not called the Heavenly Senses Package for nothing, alright? ;) 1hr traditional massage and 45mins foot reflexology. Very soothing and value for money at RM118. However, my masseur had a bad case of you can imagine... hai! This massage was in a bid to rid Alan of his bad neck ache. Probably from a golf session last weekend - what am I doing, picking up such a dangerous sport?!? hahaha. errr Diving's worse, I guess.

Dinner was at Maredos Restaurant, opposite Alan's office. Expensive but very tasty steak.My red snapper fillet was a bit of a let-down though...

Today, Alan and I have made a life-altering decision. Will update you when we carry it out. :) Nights folks. Love you all.

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