Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Discuss Disgust

Yooo... I've been meaning to post this entry for quite some time.. but amazingly it has slipped my mind. ahahaha.

I bring you back to afew weeks ago. Location was at the Mid Valley Mega Mall car park. Alan and I had zoomed in for some dinner and shopping in the early evening, perhaps on a weekend.
We were scouting around for an available parking lot (it's rare, especially in popular shopping mall) and we were doing circles and getting increasingly frustrated.

Then, suddenly, at the corner of my eyes, I spotted a middle-aged man with thinning hair behaving extremely suspiciously. He was facing a green wall (we were in the Green Zone lah) and leaning very close onto it, so much so his whole face was covered. He kept apparently quite still and rigid. His male friend was a few steps away, a nonchalent look on his oily face, but keeping a close eye on the on-coming cars and passers-by.

The first thought that came to my mind was that errr... the guy was touching his privates in public. (ok ok don't ask me why that immediately came to mind..I have yet to explain the wonders of Sharon Goh's mind) Then suddenly, my dear husband deafened me by exclaiming loudly "HE'S PEEING!!!!"

O my god. I was flabbergasted. My jaw dropped and my tongue rolled out and 4.87 seconds later, when my brain fully registered that gruesome fact, I let go a very loud "EEEEEEEEEE!" By then, the man had zipped up (no, you curious monkey, I didn't see his nuts) and grinning, left with his friend.

Can you just imagine? A supposedly progessive country. A huge money-spinning mega mall. And yet how does Man behave? Quite badly, I must say. Of course, the toilet conditions in Malaysia, even KL, are hardly anything to boast about. Most of them are wet and occasionally, one can even see footprints on the toilet seats. But this urinator has disgraced his fellow countrymen with his uncivilised answer to Nature's Call. I'm sure you'd agree with me that his Mate in Cahoots also has to share some blame. I mean, why should you stand on the look-out for The Pee-er? Will you warn him when innocent passers-by get in his way of a good pee? Will you even pass him a tissue when he's done?!?

In Singapore, we have the famous No Littering sign. In China, the notorious No Spitting sign. and soon, I guess, exclusive for Malaysian car parks only, the No Pee-ing sign. hmmm.. come to think of it, maybe not so soon after all. ;p

We shook our heads and sped away from the Pee Zone, our disgust evident admist our prayers for an available parking lot.

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