Monday, January 21, 2008

A Fulfilling Monday.

hey folks..

It was a busy Monday. We went to Uptown for me to apply for a Dependent Pass. Guys, in a few days, I will officially be DEPENDENT ON A MAN. YIKES. ;p Alan then met up with his tax attorney and found out just how much tax he has to pay. Depression hit after that.

Lunch was a quick affair in a nearby taiwanese 'restaurant'. Spicy beef tendon noodles, cold tofou with century egg and steamed dumplings made up our brunch.

Alan tried to get me the Callaway golf shoes after that but the shop didn't carry ladies shoes at all. ahahha. I wonder how women in Malaysia play golf? The golf shops here are numerous but the ladies' stuff they sell, limited. You can see why golf is known as a gentleMAN's game. ;p

Anyway, he dropped me off at Pavilion where I self-entertained from 130pm-6pm. I watched a movie, The Golden Compass which left me puzzled and very unfulfilled. Nicole Kidman could not even save the show. However, I loved the cute lil' polar bear. (Have I ever told you I've always wanted one as a pet since young? hahahaha)

Then I visited my favourite shop in Pavilion - Elements and tried on dress after dress, top after top. Minutes later, I emerged a poorer but happier lady. ahahhaa. Bought 2 dresses and 2 tops. My excuse - CHINESE NEW YEAR MAH! hahahaha

Alan picked me up promptly at 615pm, beating the traffic jam cleverly but avoiding though congested roads. My husband is getting smarter, I must say. hahahah. Then we went to dinner at Robson again. This time, we ordered a HUGE FROG (steamed with chicken essence), hot plate venison and some kailan with garlic. YUMMY!

Then it was home sweet home to play with our beloved son. :)

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