Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm Proud of All of You! YiPeeeEEeeeEeee

Today's entry is dedicated to all the gals who have just received their O Level results 1 hour ago. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! hahahhaa.. I had a weird dream last night... dreamt of modest (just afew percent enough lah) improvements in English and Pure and Elective Literature results and MSG in my subjects. Woke up and soon Wee Suan's message beeped its arrival in my inbox... even before I could shake the sleep from my eyes.

My first reaction - OH MY GOD!!!!! Immense disbelief and extreme happiness flooded through me.

Jay Jay was left unfed as I hopped up and down . The teachers and students had done it again! We had created another miracle! I contemplated rushing to the airport and buying my plane ticket home, in time for the 2pm results annoucement in the school hall. But then realised that my passport was still in the custody of the department producing my dependent pass. A fleeting thought of swimming back to Singapore was entertained. hahahaa

My ex-students have just called me admist their joy to share with me their pleasure and excitement. XGG's handphone was passed around and the girls happily announced their fulfilment of promises to get their distinctions "for me". I almost had tears in my eyes when they took turns to thank me. Strange, I am so far away and yet feel so close by.

Girls, I am grateful for my decision to stay back to teach each and every one of you. It was something I knew I had to do. And I am glad that those few months which Alan and I endured had paid off. Thank you. :D

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