Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happie Thaipusam

I'ts a public holiday again today. Jealous? hahaha Well, we accomplished quite a fair bit today.

Firstly, we went to the temple (Tian Hou Gong) a few lanes from our place so that I can change my cheena name. hahaha you can ask me what my name is personally face to face ;p Alan was trigger happy again after we asked for blessings.

Then we went to the nearby nursey and bought some potted plants for me to kill. I've no doubt that they won't last very long in my hands, but I'm keen to develop green fingers. We bought a stand to put our pretty pink and bright red plants (dunno what they are called technically) and a pot on 'bonsai-lookalike', together with some fertilizer and a watering spray can. They are now sitting contentedly in our spacious balcony. Ahhh our house is becoming more and more like a

After depositing the above stuff at home, we gave Jay Jay 3 cheese biscuits to munch and then set off to Mid Valley Mega Mall to run some errands.

We had a sinful and unfulfilling lunch at Mr Ho's fine foods at Basement One. The creamy wild mushroom signature soup was delicious and oozed with all natural goodness but our main course, the pork knuckle we shared was given the thumbs down! :( Our Singapore's Werner's Oven at Upper East Coast Road is much better. But of course, the one we had in Germany, on our honeymoon, takes the cake!

Some last minute shopping - Alan needed a jacket for tomorrow's luncheon and we zipped into Zara and got one for RM499. Apparently, G2000 jackets cost more, amazingly! We saw them retailing for RM699 and more!!! The Zara one was on sale and it was a great steal!!!

Then, I bought a pair of shoes for CNY from Vincci. 50% off and only RM37.90. How touching!

As Alan neded a haircut badly, we went to his fav stylist, Bill, on level 1. I decided to colour my hair for cny as well. This decision was to be regretted deeply. I sat there for around 4 plus hours and had almost 1 roll of aluminium foil on my head. After I washed my hair, I was astounded by the colour. I looked strangely like the hooligans in the drama serial we are watching nowadays. My ash coloured highlights left me in great shock. Depression followed suit. Oh well, at least it's much cheaper than in SIN. ;p

We tapaoed dinner at our fav Robson Restaurant again. Alan had his craving fulfilled and ordered Hokkien noodles. Oh, by the way, the hokkien mee here is like udon and fried with dark sauce. Very tasty, but I still prefer our Singapore style. I had fish head beehoon soup. My comfort food.

After picking up our dinner, we arrived home, dragging the Philips Home Theatre system with us. Alan set it up in no time and now we can enjoy an even more decadent lifestyle! I like!

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