Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thursday - Saturday

Thursday 14 January 2008

Tonight we went out for dinner around our area. This place is just a stone's throw away from our apartment (maybe 1 minute drive?) and houses 2 or 3 restaurants. We tried Robson Hill Restaurant and its fish head curry (20RM for a small one) and baked honey porkribs (14RM). Ahhh I miss eating outside food. Am getting pretty sick of my cooking (even though it's actually quite edible ;p)

I wonder why the whole world has the perception that I can't cook for nutz. HmpF! This myth is BUSTED! hahaha

Friday 15 Jaunary 2008

Today the technicians finally came and they helped install our sun-light! Now there's a bright and promising sun glowing at our main door. heee. They put up our clock from ROAMand also our wedding montage as well. O yah, they put up a picture frame that displays a piece of art from Alan's Photography. haahha. It's a photo of an anchor laying to waste on a beach in Japan. Very nice - you can be the judge for yourself, I shall post it up.

In the afternoon, because I was bored to bits, I then whipped out the Yoga DVD (finally) and started this series of stretching. After a while, finding the pace to slow, I decided to pop down to the pool again for my 20 laps and my sauna baking.

Completing my regime, I quickly showered and took a cab to Mid Valley Mega Mall (didn't feel like walking, even though the cab driver informed me that it was only a short walk away). I then bought tickets (no queue) for Cloverfield a movie which boosts the severed head of the statue of liberty in Manhattan.

Alan then met me for dinner and we went to our usual hang-out, Dragon-I restaurant for our xiao long pao and la-mien fix. Because my lunch had been a miserable few grains of porridge plus 3 slices of pickles and 1 piece of fermented beancurd, I wolfed my dinner down hungrily and ordered steamed yam dumplings for dessert. heeee.

The movie started out horrendously for a girl easily inflicted with motion-sickness. I realised, to my immense discomfort, that the whole movie was filmed Blair-Witch Project- style. I.e. With a moving video-camera effect. Oh my, immediately my head started pounding and I started blaming The Husband for the lousy choice of movie.

However, after my eyes adjusted to the constant unsteady movement, my nervous twitch dissipated, together with my complaints, and I was drawn into the movie. The pace was exhilarating and the action was continuous. The weird alien-like monsters were eerie and bat-like ( I hate bats). And the Husband and I clutched clammy paws throughout the heart-stopping moments of the show.

90 minutes later, the lights came on. The climax, though, left much more to be desired. ;p

We ventured to CarrerFour immediately to convince the Malaysians that without Alan and I, the economy would plummet. The damage was Rm140+. hahaha. I am, till today, amazed at how much we can buy to feed two. hahahhaa.

Then we left for home to glue ourselves to my faithful partner, the google box, till 2am. hahhaa I Love Weekends!

Saturday 16 January 2008
We woke up late. Had a nice breakfast of picnic ham sandwich and milk. Then, after a few episodes of the new HK drama serial we're 'chasing', we left the house with Jay Jay to bring him for his grooming at Kepong Petsmore.

We were late for our appointment with Catherine, a renowned geomancer and arrived approximately at 140pm. She had calculated my fortune based on my 8-zi and told me everything. I must say, my life has been made out to be pretty perfect. :) How lovely!

She also advised me to do business for I have the makings and that I will make good. hahaha. I shall heed her advice. She also told me that I'd make a good teacher. hahahaha. How true! haahha ;p Right ginna?

Lunch was a quickie at Old Time Kopitiam. We both had meesiam. I miss my Mama's home-cooked meesiam. It's so much more delicious!

We went to fetch Jay Jay after buying some stuff at CarrerFour (AGAIN?!!??) and the groomer complained of his knotted fur. We had to pay extra 20RM because of that! Weird policy?!! Anyway, I promise to be more meticulous when brushing his fur daily. This fella struggles and squeals like a bruised pig everytime I try to brush him that I don't try very hard ;P ok ok my fault lah!

We returned home to whip up a storm in the kitchen - Bakuteh soup, fried broccoli and carrots, steamed tiger prawns and white rice were on the menu. Tantalising!Dessert is sitting prettily in the fridge - chilled Honey-dew sago. Purrrrrfect!

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