Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Closing a Chapter in Singapore

15 November- My last Graduation Night as a teacher in Crescent Girls' School. Coloured my hair and nails at 916 Salon in Siglap and then had Jessie (my bridal make-up artist) over to do my hair and makeup. I reached Hilton Hotel after being stuck in a jam at ard 6+pm.
The girls were already milling around and taking pictures. hahah.. I actually won Best Dressed Teacher (err $50 Robinson's voucher which I dunno how to spend) after much threatening, pleading and cajoling. Alexis made all the teachers dress down and promise not to take the coveted title away from me (as my byebye gift) and Hema went to order the girls to vote for me. So when I finally went on stage to receive the voucher, I actually whispered to Mrs Lee , "Kellong one!" hahaha. Damn funny but I appreciate all the gestures, guys!

After Gradnite, many colleagues and I gathered at the lounge to have a quiet drink. I remember sweating it out on the sofa with 5 others.hahaha. Namely Weesuan, Eileen, Wendy, Hema and Alexis(?) Kala downed two martinis in one gulp, proving that beneath that innocent facade she's an alcoholic. hahaha. Sebas, Leo, Angie, Andrew, SiewHuang and Jim, etc were all there to enjoy the gossip (and music and drinks). I loved my apple martini (which WeeSuan was testing the whole night to see if the alcohol contents was more or less than the other 10 appletinis on the table). hahaha.

16Nov- How classic of us. All Sec 4 teachers and students had to report to the hall for PAE briefing early in the morning when most of us (teachers and students alike) were still suffering from the aftereffects of the night before.
After 6.5 long years, I finally tendered my resignation at ard 1130am in Mrs Lee's office. The flood of emotions was almost too much to bear. Especially when Mrs Lee hugged me goodbye (ahem- twice).
In the evening, 3S1 'celebrated' my leaving with a bbq at Biopolis. Lovely place. played games like Charades, Blow Wind Blow.hahaha. I was bestowed many many sweet pressies and cards and I was truly touched. *wistful sigh*
It was only on that night that I allowed the tears to fall. Becos of Stephen's farewell sms and also becos of the buildup of so many pent-up emotions that were compounded from the 3 weeks' worth of farwell dinners/ lunches/ drinks etc. Ash was comforting me and looked worried. hahaa. But I am glad that I got e'thing outta my system... my eyes were swollen the next day though.

17th nov- Had breakfast with the family at Mac's Siglap -afterwhich wonder WHY we actually ate Mac's (which we can get in ANY PART of the world) and not some Singaporean delicacy that I would not find in the sunny concrete jungle of KL. Went back home to pack somemore and then Yvonne picked me to go to my fav. shopping centre (which I will miss tremendously) Parkway Parade to run some errands.
at 6pm, I had promptly reported at the Changi airport (You know KLIA is voted the BEST airport in the world for two years running? I'd BEG to DIFFER man!!!) Terminal 2 and after saying goodbye (the usual way) to my family and my in-laws by pigging out at Crystal Jade, I promptly bade them and Elaine and Zesa and her sister (who was DRAGGED to the airport) farewell. :)
The plane ride was uneventful - no cute hunkies to sit next to. Only a China man in his 40s who seemed unduly worried when the plane was taking off and going through turbulence. And then I arrived .... at taitai dom

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