Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Amazing but True

20th Nov.
Today I went out for lunch with Alan n his colleagues, Robin, Nicky and Edah. They are a very fun bunch. hahaha. Real Jokers :)
Robin has special powers and he literally melted the handle of a spoon in front of all of us, just by touching it. O man.
I sure am gonna write an autobiography of him!! But apart from his special powers, he does lack skills when telling jokes. hahaa.Aparently a 5year old asked him recently -"Who is more stupid, Robin or Batman?" and the answer? Robin- he chose to follow a superhero who cannot fly.
*cringe* hahahaa

My long-awaited born in Sweden cupboard has arrived just minutes ago and the men hv assembled it in my bedroom already. yes yes,i know it doesnt fit with the decor of Lanson Place, but I need to house ALL MY CLOTHES! hahaha.
My Sweedish Fantasy

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