Friday, November 23, 2007

Zesa and Yusheng arrive Today!

Dinner at Jalan Alor
Teochew Porridge Lunch
BodyWorks Spa at Crowne Regency
Sad untillll.....

Fri 23 Nov

Gosh, I'm a little stoned. We slept really late last night. The clothes take 1hr to be washed and another 1.5hrs to be spun dry. I miss my home even more. hahaha. Especially since Ening is around!! *sniff* I am a pampered lil princess ;P

Anyway, I hv just stocked up the house / fridge with MYR 44 worth of snacks. Paddle pop icecream in a big tub, cookies, chips, coke , chocolate etc. Good grief. Quite alot of junk food! Alan's fetching me for lunch (porridge) soon and we are going to buy his (wat do u call it?) ions bracelet.

Then we will fetch the two gin nah from Puduraya and bring them to Jalan Alor for "NICE FOOD". haahaha.

Checking in again:
Ahhh lunch was a delicious affair - Fong Wah Teochew Porridge. Yum! Even more variety than the Geylang Teochew Porridge in Singapore. :D~ We had pigs' intestines, minced pork, long beans, salted vege and oyster sauce chicken, plus two watery bowls of porridge, all for MYR 19.

Then, we headed to UOA building to get the ions bracelet. However, it cost a whopping MYR 1105 so rest assured, we didn't buy it!! Next, due to the brain's inactivity, we went to Coffee Bean for a medium latte, medium Sunrise and a slice of sinful toberlone chocolate cake. The guilt of eating so extravagantly, was surpassed by the guilt of a mid-day rendezvous in BodySpa in Crowne Regeancy. Ahhh.. 1 hour of Traditional Body Massage and 45mins of foot reflexology set us back each by a mere MYR 118. Oh man! Ecky- this one's for you! haha.

After that we went back to his office to pack up and leave. Then we headed to Puduraya to fetch the two girls. O my, the traffic jam was a killer. And because of the distrust of the GPS system, we ended up going the wrong way. The two girls were so bored and started to guess the colour of our car and the direction it was coming from. So when we finally came, YuSheng hopped up and down in joy! hahaa. The Puduraya bus station was very scary and filled with funny people. There was this Chinese man staring at the two girls and giving them 'sly smiles'. At least he didn't salivate and rub his hands in glee...

Anyway, after we picked them up, we proceeded to Sungei Wang. Jam Jam Jam. Dinner was at Jalan Alor and we had a really hearty meal. Ma Por toufu, cod fish, kangkong, fried eel, hokkien mee, beef with spring onions, lala soup and rice. All for MYR112!! I almost fell off my chair! hahaha.

We then walked abit at Sungei Wang then went back to Lanson Place after our unsuccessful attempt to convince the girls that we stayed in a run-down Hotel Town View in Alor. haahhaha.


Shamu said...

Now you made me really wanna go visit you in KL.

Sharon Goh said...

see lah see lah. tell u to come already lah. hahaha Don't worry lah. there's always next year, or the year after, or the year after... hahaha.