Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First Few Days (and Nites) in a new Land

Tired out from the 45min flight??!

18th Nov-
My first day of so-called TaiTaidom was spent with the husband in IKEA shopping for a cupboard to accomodate all my 25.7kg worth of barang (read: clothes). hahah. We finally found one that we could mix-and-match to assemble up ourselves costing MYR 575. I think it's dollar for dollar here versus Singapore. So cool huh?
Then, after Alan sweated it out trying to fit the planks in the Volvo and giving up , we went to queue at the Home Delivery section of IKEA. Once that was sorted out, we went to explore the vicinity. IKEA is HUGE here and there's a wing subsumed under IKEA that sells other stuff like clothes n the likes. Coincidentally there was this Jean Perry (dunno what brand lah) pillow n etc sale and that was EXACTLY what Alan and I needed. (The pillows at Lanson Place Serviced Apartments are nothing to crow about.) We bought two "bamboo charcoal pillows" at a great discount (now dont i sound like a housewife!??!) then went shopping around elsewhere.
How can IKEA not serve meatballs with cranberry sauce?!?
We went to this shopping complex, called The Curve which housed many swanky eateries. (had HK cafe stuff for dinner). Photos were taken with my new Nikon Cool Pix Digital Camera - welcome gift from the hubbie. heeee.. Walked through a pasar as well but as it turned out, there was nothing to buy! ha!
Then we headed to Cineleisure but it wasn't the most happening shopping centre. We then returned to IKEA and did some light shopping at Cold Storage and then headed for home, using the trusty GPS :D

The Pasar Malum @ The Curve
19th Nov-
My start of Taitaidom (read boredom with no housework to do) hahahaha. woke up late and quelled the guilt of doing nothing (I seriously have to get used to doing nothing). Alan fetched me for lunch at around 1pm and we had a delicious steamed fish + vege for only MYR 25! o my god, you should see the size of the fish!!

Went to his office to literally stone and met Lily, his pesky General Admin girl (who dresses and behaves like an Auntie). Apparently the whole office cannot stand her and avoid her like the plague and within half an hour, I totally understood why. I mean, why do you have to check with the GM how you label your files?? hahaha. good grief!

Next we headed to KLCC to shop for Alan's shoes (his wedding shoes have given way so quickly-don't buy Hush Puppies, guys!!) and I resisted the temptation to buy a pair of shoes that I didn't need. Then we had dinner at the food court (some spicy noodles, swimming in chilli oil and some dry dry "singapore" fried beehoon).
we bounded home to watch 1303 a Japanese Horror flick on DVD but after the initial half and hour of cold clammy hands gasping each others' (Alan's and mine lah), the thrills and spills (including guts and brains lying on the ground) were insufficient to maintain my attention. So I turned to the Facebook and started poking.
The icon of KL, Petronas Twin Towers

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