Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Perenial Question - What Shall I do Today?

My favourite companion

THURS - 22nd Nov

O GAWD. I had a TERRIBLE dream last nite. I actually dreamt that there were 18 F9s for English O Levels in CGS. hahaha. What horrors of horrors. *Faint* Anyway, I doubt I would be going back to watch them take their results. That would be end Jan. Will go back for reunion dinner though. Daddy has already booked RTC in anticipation. hahaha. This reunion dinner will REALLY be a reunion.

After I shook off the fears from the nightmare and promptly bade my husband g'bye (some1's gotta bring hm the bread), I strode into the kitchen to make meself some breakfast. I pondered through my options - oats? Milk with cereal? Sausage hotdog?- and finally settled for an egg mayo sandwich. The mayo shall go right down to my thighs and settle there like PR. And I havent found the motivation to gym yet, EVEN after buying a spanking new pair of Asics Gel!!!

Later I will quell my fears and take the taxi alone for the first time to Alan's office to attend some birthday cum one-month of working in the office celebration. Such a sweet GM :D
Then it's a MUST to head to Sungei Wang to replace my broken Nokia N73 charger (coincidentally it was purchased there too) and his spoilt PS3.

Ahhhh the delicacies in Sungei Wang area (Jalan Alor is a long street of road-side stalls whose food do not cause suffering after injested and just opposite Sungei Wang there are tonnes of massage parlours. ahahha. I like~ Our favourite massage parlour is called "Liang Xin", a swanky and clean and brightly-lit parlour. Very high-class looking with classy ambience. They serve you with a plate of fruits and some fruit juice as your aches and pains are being kneaded away. 5 thumbs up!

Ok ok enough of all that anticipation... Shall proceed to caress Harry now...


Hello! I'm back home and rotting in front of the TV again (apparently that's my fav place in the apartment- ahhh tonite Gladiator is showing..What wld i do w/o cable??). Let me share with you some interesting experiences:

At 405pm, I got into my first taxi ride ALONE in KL. I peered suspiciously at the driver. He was a scrawny wrinkled little fella approximately 60years of age. I told him to go to Jalan P Ramlee, Rohas Perkasa and he nodded silently. Along the way, he struck up a conversation with me. At first in Cantonese but when I sadly admitted my lack of finnese for that lovely language, we fell back to Mandarin. The Uncle started by complaining about the perenial traffic jam in KL and that he was on his way to KLCC to pump petrol, if not he wouldnt have taken me as a passenger. As the cab creaked on, and I started to gag in the heat (the airconditioner was spoilt/not switched on/ spoil and therefore not switched on), he also warned me about taking care of my belongings, especially my LV and cited many cases of motorcyclists who snatch bags. (btw, a call for the taxi set me back by a mere MYR2. Eat your heart out fellow taxi-users in Singapore! (I don't think I'll ever hop into a cab in Singapore ever again - the ERP, the surcharges etc etc.. WHAT CRAP!)
Anyway, after worrying that the shrivelled ol' uncle would kidnap me into the wilderness, beat me to a pulp with his hidden hammer and call my husband for ransom, he dropped me off at my destination - in front of Alan's office building. I was so thankful that I tipped him a whopping 60c.

We had a lovely birthday celebration for Robin who turned a ripe ol' 29. The Secret Receipe cheesecake made the waistband of my jeans feel tighter almost instantaneously. Robin (the magician) did another superb trick again - he used a tissue paper to wipe his laptop screen (which was on the Google search engine page) and the two 'o's were wiped away!!! My jaw dropped!! Then he wiped back the screen and the 'o's appeared again!! O my Tian Ah!! (he promptly started promoting the magical tissue paper for MYR 59.90 per pack! ahhaah The joker! He also blindfolded himself and got us to come up with personal items whose identities he guessed easily, just by placing his hand over them!!!
In Front of the Egyptian Cafe in Bkt Bintang

Later, we picked Rina and Hafizah up in front of Concorde Hotel. We went to Sungei Wang and I bought my hp charger for MYR 18. heh. Yes, I am connected to the WORLD again! Dinner was a sinful affair but my Egyptian lamp chops were burnt and tough. The nicest part of the meal was the chilli sauce!Sad, but true. We then sent the gals back to their hotel cos Rina's eyelids were about to shut. Probably drained from her harrowing experience driving through the tunnel in KL. heheh. Alan's Fried Chicken

Alan just showed me how to wash clothes on Level 12 Laundrette and I guess I will be the dutiful housewife from now on... We are waiting (in front of the tv) for the washing to be done...


ecky said...

Wah that is some nightmare! I rem some years back TKSS's english result was something like that. Totally unexpected and they appealed the results but it stood.

u know i think you should seriously think of compiling a tourist guide for all of us... places which we must eat, must shop, must get massaged etc etc.

Sharon Goh said...

hello woman. hahaha. nice to hear from u man.r u working hard on the WITS project?? Hope u hv a nice time with alex in Taiwan. :D TC