Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's Grocery Shopping Time!

The Dilapidated AmpWalk

Shopping @ Hock Choon-The Truly Expat Experience

Hey guys! I finally got my ass outta the house today. Lazed around in bed until the sun shone brightly in the sky, then snacked on crackers with salmon spread for breakfast (thank heavens for that bit of food!). I logged on to talk to Mama and Jean and cried when I saw Ash. *sniff* Nevermind, I'll be going home soon. :) Then after mindlessly poking the masses, I decided to fulfill my promise and trudge to the nearby supermarket to stock up the fridge for my Hungry Husband~

Since Zesa and YuSheng will be coming on 23rd Nov and since they are growing teenagers, I thought I'd better be a good host and fill the fridge with chocos, chips , cakes and the likes. (I have already been forewarned that they want to eat "GOOD FOOD".) hahahaa. But their standards are rock bottom and A&W is a delicacy to them already! haaaa *sew up hole in pocket* my shopping :)
Can't wait for Rina and Hafizah to come tomorrow too. But guys, I heard the KL zoo cannot make it. And the only reason why we would wanna visit it is to appreciate our Mandai one more. So I think we'll give that a miss. hahaa. How about Batu Caves to get splashed with bat dung? haha. O well, I guess we'll just go shopping!! hahaha

Opps, sorry I digressed. Here's a quick sum up of my escapade. Along the way (actually I had to cross a big road via overhead bridge) to the supermart, I decided to check out the nearby AmpWalk, a dilapidated shopping centre which is a stone's throw away from Lanson Place. I did not hope for much but to my amazement, it housed everything that I needed/ wanted/ salivated for - ahem.. a unisex spa (so can cajole the laogong to go.. and pay for it), nails parlour, traditional thai body massage parlour and even a travel agency I can book my coach rides to SIN with. hahaha. How lovely. My otherwise bleak mood lifted....

Then I headed back on track to Hock Choon supermarket- shopping there is truly an expat experience. Lining the shelves are rows and rows of sauces, creams etc catering to the Ang Moh taste buds, the Japanese ones, the Indians etc etc. You can find at least 6 different kinds of mayo, 4 different kinds of japanese noodles, a big section with frozen meats and seafood(including escargot, lobster, sausages etc) That's not to say they didnt cater to the Malaysian / Singaporean preference. However, since this wasn't my first time there, my jaw didnt scrape the floor... that is, until I paid the bill and staggered home under the weight of my 4 plastic bags. I spent a whopping MYR 95 but bought enough to last for a while..This however, didn't include the chips and snacks for the gals though. I'll make a trip back two days later before they come...;p

Anyway, I'm back now, in my cosy apartment and waiting for the sun to set... There's satay on the menu tonight and after my miserable mee suah soup for lunch, it sounds almost heavenly. :) I've just cooked sweet potato soup for my laogong - the ploy is to make him fat fat and thus undesirable to all the other women out there! muahahaha.

O yah. before I forget, my HP charger broke - perhaps enroute to KL in the suitcase. I am down to two bars people and so, before I hit Sungei Wang with my bb, I will probably keep my Nokia in OFF mode.

Zhu Xiao Di: i miss u people too. but I am thankful to have escaped the staff retreat - no matter whether it's Sentosa or watching 1 million firefires (that look alike) on a boat, or taking a cruise amist our nausea or building sand castles and getting sunburnt...etc etc... O wat joyous times!!

& YES I've finally booked Alan and myself on an AirAsia flight to BKK. We will fly early morning on 7th Dec from KL and arrive in KL late night on 9th Dec. A few days rendezvous but they will suffice for now. :) *Excited*

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