Sunday, April 18, 2010


Ethan's grandparents are in town. We drove (it seemed for hours) to and fro to LCCT to pick them up from the airport. Alan parked illegally and sprinted towards the car when he saw Uncle Sam (what do they call them here in KL?) whip out his notebook eagerly whilst approaching our Volvo.

Finally, they appeared (carrying Ethan's swimming pool) and we drove home in time to enjoy a delicious spread of steamboat - nutritious and oh-so-yummy! Now they are luxuriating in front of our 50" TV and watching "WooHoo".

Ethan's not taking too well to all of them though. Especially they love to come up close to him and STARE... They have become unfamiliar faces to him already since we are living in KL and worse still, he has come of age to recognize faces and clings to me now like my personal Koala. *big sigh* Hope things will improve in the next few days...

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