Monday, April 19, 2010

Ethan's First Swim

Ethan didn't really enjoy his first dip in his new swimming pool today. I think the below were at fault:

a) The water was too cold - he always bathes in VERY warm water.

b) The neck float was irritating the $h!t outta him.

c) There were too many peering eyes (Grandfather's, grandmother's x 2, father's , mother's and maid's).

In the evening, we left for a massage at Liang Xin Massage Parlour at Jln Alor. For two sessions per pax, the damage was only RM84, instead of the usual RM110. PROFIT! *claps hands excitedly*

After that, we picked up En and Ethan from home and then headed to MVMM for dinner. Mum 2 wanted to make a pair of specs but didn't in the end as she would not be in KL to collect it 2 weeks later. We then decided to have dinner at Canton-I.

We ordered and ordered and ordered. There was this promotion and we could buy a roasted chicken (whole) for only RM1! PROFIT II! We were stuffed by the time we exited the restaurant.

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