Thursday, April 22, 2010

Strawberries are a No No!

The grandparents have left last evening and the house is a quieter and less active one... at least there's no one to ask Ethan to do monkey tricks (e.g. jump / kick / touch his nose etc). I think poor Ethan was tired out from all that attention. He slept sooooo much today that I was a bit concerned. hahaha He hardly naps at all normally.

Anyway, the excited grandparents let Ethan try sucking on a cut strawberry last evening against my wishes and his poop changed colour / texture immediately to a weird green (instead of mustard yellow) colour and there were strips of solid poop lining his diaper - normally all is liquid. AND THEN, my friend told me today that berries should not be given to babies till they are 1 year old due to their likelyhood to trigger allergies. *faint* " Come, let por por and nai nai feed u some strawberries!"

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