Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Water Baby

I am Ethan Tan, the Waterbaby!

The sun was out again this morning and I decided to let Ethan try out his swimming pool for the second time. Ening and I busied ourselves filling the pool with buckets of pipping hot water and soon, the water was a delicious temperature. :)

Again, Ethan was changed into his cars and trucks red swimming diaper and nai nai put on the float for him. Then, I got into the pool and in he came right after me. After only a few seconds, I could see that Ethan was not adverse to the water and etc and so I got out of the pool. True enough, our little water baby started enjoying himself. He kicked and did turns and took turns to pose for the different cameras / video cameras held by every single one of us. hahahaha.

I am glad he had a good time. :) Thank you Ye Ye and Nai Nai for the useful and wonderful present! :))))))

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