Saturday, April 17, 2010

A beautiful Saturday out w/o Ethan

Today, Alan and I had a wonderful day out on our own. We drove to The Gardens at around 2pm and hit the shops. First, we entered Robinson to utilise some vouchers they had sent to me, their privileged member.

We bought lotsa stuff from the home section - coffee beans, a towel for Ethan, chopping board for Ethan's food etc etc. and that was BEFORE we entered the Children's section. ahahha. I piled the wet wipes , weaning bottle with teat etc into our basket and then we headed to the cashiers to cash out.

Famished, we headed to the foodcourt for a good and cheap meal. Again, I enjoyed the thai food and satisfied my craving for pineapple rice. Alan had his usual unagi bento. After polishing off all the food, I headed into Borders and picked up two Chinese books for Ethan and Alan went into Art Friend (AGAIN).

Then, we made a beeline for CRES (we were alittle late) for our 4pm appointment. After our faces were polished and relieved of all dirt and whatnots, it was off to Cold Storage we went. I wanted to check out if they carried NAN HA1 for little Ethan and they did indeed. I also picked up some rice cereals and teething biscuits for Ah Boy.

We dragged our numerous bags and quickly headed to the car. It had already been 4+hours since we had left home!!!!!

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