Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Shoe Robber and an Eventful Weekend

Since my mother knows about it, I can write about the trauma here in my blog and spare no juicy details.

On Friday 2 October 2009, at around 130am, a robber (who came on a motorbike) n peeped (in full view of our cctv) over our wall twice and then determined that no one was downstairs and the coast was clear, climbed over my neighbour's fucking low gate and hopped across the adjoining wall and came into our front porch.

He took two pairs of Alan's shoes lying around by the front door and then greedily endeavoured to open the shoe cabinet for more loot and unwittingly triggered the alarm system. My dogs barked loudly and he fled as Alan, with a toothbrush still in mouth (we had just finished watching a dvd downstairs and had gone upstairs to prepare for bed) and I came downstairs to find out what was happening.

We discovered the shoe rack was open and narrowed it down to Alan having forgotten to close it and a fallen shoe had triggered the alarm system. Never did we even imagine a robber had intruded into our house and made off with our shoes!

It was only the next morning that we realised that Alan's shoes were missing. And upon watching the cctv tapes, realised that a desperado had made off with the loot in the wee hours of the morning. What is WORSE is that we realised that that fucker had come back at around 450am that SAME MORNING and peered into our neighbour's house next door to see if there is anything to be stolen.

Imagine just how big his balls must be! Errmmm metaphorically speaking lah. YuCkS.

ANyway, the next morning, we called in the police. The first police car arrived at around 1030am, about 15mins after Alan made the report. The Malay officer strolled into my porch (the other officer refused to even come out of the car) and took my statement. Errr to be more precise, he asked me to WRIte my own RepOrt because he cannot understand English.:P So I utilised my Report Writing skills (which I had dutifully taught all Crescentians in Functional Writing) to pen a report of what had happened the night before. He wasn't very impressed that we had called in the police because of a few pairs of missing shoes and exclaimed , "shoes ONLY"?? Sheesh man. He is entirely missing the point!! It's not every day in Singapore that people hop into people's houses and steal stuff, you know!!! But then again, it's a common occurence in KL. :P

After finishing my chocolate muffin and a glass of water, he grudgingly took off his boots and came into the house when Alan arrived home and insisted that he watch the cctv tape of the robber. The police officer looked pain bored. As he left, he informed us that Puan Hamidah, another officer would come a while later to investigate.

It was almost 1+pm when Puan Hamidah came. and Boy had she a busy day! Apparently Bangsar had been hit three times in the same night by SHOE ROBBERS (prob the same fucker) and she took down my report (she had another person to translate what she was asking into English and what I said to her into Malay). :P n then her people swept for finger prints and took some photographs and enjoyed a glass of refreshing iced coke each before leaving our premises.

Upon rewinding and looking at the tapes, we also realised that the robber was zooming up and down on his motorbike and peering into our neighbour's houses as well - and therefore, as dutiful neighbours, we went painstakingly to inform each and everyone of them.

The Lohs were very hospitable and invited us in. They also volunteered to keep an eye out for us since we were always away from home. :) The other neighbours looked petrified when they heard the news. :P

A few hours later, we were on our way to Muar - leaving the house again empty but alarm armed.

We arrived in Muar at Daddy's house at around 9pm, starving and exhausted. My chocolate muffins were a big hit and that was nice. We had a quick buffet dinner and chatted with the relatives before heading to bed early that night.

Saturday 3 October 2009

We were up at around 9+am after a night of tossing and turning. After a hearty breakfast, the MJ kakkis had arrived and soon the table was open...hahaaa.. I promptly lost $40 to all the high achievers.

Lunch was a squeezy affair and it was hot and sweltering. The seafood, albeit fresh, did not make up for the lack of ambiance. Thank heavens for the air conditioner back home and we chilled when we got back and Alan tried to recooperate some of my losses.

We left for the wedding dinner at 615pm and arrived at a most chaotic affair. Some guests had not enough seats, the children were running and screeching on the stage, the aisle were blocked because people were lining up to take photos with the bride and groom, the red wine (which tasted like vinegar) had weird things floating inside etc etc ... In general, it was not one of the more exciting wedding that I've attended in a while....

We arrived home at 11+pm, exhausted and drained...

Sunday 4 October 2009

The MJ kakkis arrived early (at 8+am) that morning and we rubbed the sleep from our eyes and fed our stomaches before indulging. My luck was better than the previous day's but all in all, we still managed to lose a little. All in the name of fun! :D We polished off a few durians just before lunch was to be served. hahaha

Lunch was at the fishing port and a tight squeeze again. We weren't impressed with the chilli crabs that Uncle Qiao had so sincerely bought because of the way it was cooked. The chilli taste totally overrided the taste of the crabs!

After lunch, more money was to be made / lost and then the delicious packets of otah were delivered to the house.

It was around 4pm that we finally bade e'one farewell and made our way back home to KL. Phew. What an eventful weekend.

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