Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baby Ethan

I spent the day reading up about baby deliveries and also purchasing some baby stuff online. SIgh Somehow whatever I do nowadays is either directly or indirectly linked to BABY ETHAN :P

I bought , from a bright orange silk sling to carry and breastfeed Ethan in and also a seat protector (in case he pees on his car seat / stroller etc).

Yesterday, Alan picked me up after 6pm and we headed to The Gardens for dinner. Before that, we bought En some two pairs of berms (which she requested for) and also after dinner, went to Art Friend to pick up some stuff. Dinner was a delicious spread at the Taiwanese restaurant. I had chilli beef noodle set and Alan had pigs intestines with rice set and we both shared meesuar. :D YuMz

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